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How to use Hik-Connect on PC Windows

Download Hik-Connect for PC with Bluestacks

  • Firstly, You should install Bluestacks Software on your Computer or Laptop. (Note: Come back to this post once you installed Bluestacks correctly)
  • After Bluestacks, now, you must download .APK file of Hik-Connect. Click here.
  • Open the Bluestacks App already installed on your PC/Laptop. In the left-hand corner toolbox, you will find an option of Add APK. Load the APK file using the option on the Bluestacks. Click on that.
  • It will ask about the location where you have kept the downloaded APK. In my case, I have kept it on Desktop, so I am selecting that.
  • It will now automatically install the application on Bluestacks. You will find the Hik-Connect on applications tab on the main screen of the Bluestacks window.
  • Now, you are all set to use Hik-Connect on PC. Here is the Hik-Connect successfully running on my PC after installing and clicked on the app.

Download Hik-Connect for PC with Nox App player

  • First of all, you must download Nox App player, click on the software to start installation on your Computer/Laptop.
  • Now, download APK file from here.
  • After installation, open the NOX player. In the right-hand side corner toolbox, you will find an option of ‘Add APK’. Click on that option.
  • Select Don’t show again and click on I know.
  • You have to choose the APK from the downloaded location. As I have saved it on the desktop, I choose from there. (If your downloaded file is in Downloads area, select the .APK from there itself)
  • Nox will automatically install the Application. Open it from the home screen of Nox app player.
  • You will then be asked about if you want to change your location from ‘Worldwide’ to any particular location. Initially, choose Later option.
  • Now, you are ready to use the App with some pre-existing website links embedded in the App.
  • Note: UseESCAPEto come back to the home screen or else you can use the symbols to operate Hik-Connect app on PC NOX app player.

Which Emulator Should I Use?

Download Hik-Connect App for PC without Bluestacks

  • So this software only runs through google chrome browser. If you don’t have it by default, please go ahead & download it.
  • Then search for Arc Welder chrome extension in the google chrome store and simply download it.
  • Now follow the same steps. Download Hik-Connect apk file, and run it on arc welder.
  • Choose the option — full window or partial screen while testing.
  • You can start using the app on your PC with these steps.

The description of Hik-Connect

Mac Nox App Player Failed To Start Download

The Permissions of Hik-Connect

Mac Nox App Player Failed To Start Download

Nox App Player Windows 10

Nox App Player For Mac

Mac Nox App Player Failed To Start Windows 7

  • iVMS-45004.7.7November 4, 2019Download APK
  • iVMS-4500 HD4.1.3August 10, 2018Download APK
  • HiLookVision3.10.1.0924September 27, 2019Download APK
  • HikCentral Mobile1.5.0October 31, 2019Download APK
  • iVMS-52602.3.100July 18, 2017Download APK
  • Hikvison Views1.5.7July 9, 2019Download APK
  • iVMS-5260M1.0.202April 22, 2019Download APK




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